Thank you for visiting with us at the College and Career Pathways Summit!

We thank you for taking the time to meet with us at the 7th Annual College and Career Pathways Summit. It was truly inspiring to engage with education and business leaders as we collectively plan for the skills needed for graduates in 2040. At Journeys Map, we’re committed to empowering individuals on their educational and career journeys.

Journeys Map is designed to help candidates find cybersecurity careers, discover their skill gap, get the right training, and succeed. We invite the community to discover how Journeys can help students, teachers, and advisors understand the various roles, build actionable plans for skill building, and access cyber related resources.


Best of all, it’s free to get started!

Here are the main components of your Journeys Map experience:

  • 1. Take a Skills Assessment
  • 2. Discover Your Interests
  • 3. Find Skill Gaps to Different Careers
  • 4. Map Your Personal Path
  • GO!

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GPS for Career Finding

This means that Journeys gives you the most details path possible to the careers you want to discover.

  • Start from your current location, Journeys can pinpoint the location
  • Build your skill profile by taking the built-in Skill Assessment and Interest Profiler
  • Journeys will recommend careers – pick one of interest, and map your path

The Stops Along the Way

The map will provide options for College, Military, Workforce training and other options to gain the skills required.

  • Choose how you want to learn and see the path
  • Add certificate courses and other related training of interest
  • Save your Path for continual reference

Continue to Explore

Journeys provides career cards and details like salary, skill profiles, regional availability and more on thousands of jobs. This is your chance to think outside the box!

  • Also available are regional learning options from local community colleges, 4-year institutions, workforce training programs and more. Check out the details so you can customize you pathway.

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