Power Career Exploration That Engages and Inspires

Give your students the AGENCY to discover and plan their future with Journeys Map.

How It Works

Interests and Skills

Your students’ interests and skills need to drive their exploration. That’s why Journeys Map uses assessments and interest surveys to power discovery, allowing them to see countless careers tailored to their interests and skills.

Career Dashboard Exploration

With over 2,000 occupations listed, and linked to REAL internships and jobs, your students have amazing resources at their fingertips. Searches in Journeys Map reveal employment trends, on-demand videos, related skills and abilities, certification needed and real-time job and internship postings.

Personalized, Step by Step Directions

Once your student selects an occupation and picks a starting point, Journeys Map highlights every step, including course selection, college degree, military, CTE and/or certification directions that will guide them to their destination!

Rostering and Reports

Your students are off and running, and so are your reports! Once your rosters are loaded, tracking student and class progress is simple. Journeys Map provides an essential resource to students, provide you with essential data, and free up your valuable time.

Journeys Map Features: Flexible and Powerful

Individual Schools &
Organizations(Tier 1)
Schools &
Organizations(Tier 2)

Interest & Skills Assesments

Explore Almost 2,000 Occupations

Explore Almost 10,000 Colleges & Universities

Explore 15,000+ Certifications

Localized Data (ex, wages)

Regionalized Data (ex, Local Pathways)

Access to Content (Day in the life videos)

Personalized Directions & Goal Setting

Custom Links to (Sign up, Assessments,
Metric via email)

API Access, Branding on Demand Reporting

SB Automated & Premium Reporting

Register Tier 1 Tier 2